One Direction Highlights Their “History” In New Video

brb crying

The end of One Direction is nigh, so obviously they have to make every last moment emotional while they still can. When the group officially announced their split, we could feel the hearts of Directioners bursting into flames everywhere. A hiatus gives fans a small shred of hope that the group might get back together someday, but a split marks permanence. We're sure that 1D will reunite for special gigs in the future, but we can't believe it's all really over after six years.

As we continue to struggle and move on with our lives, the boys have released a new music video as a distraction. "History" might be one of the most touching things they've ever done, as the reel presents the journey of One Direction. It starts with their X Factor victory, followed by more footage from the past in black-and-white. The present four members appear in color, dancing and singing in a brick room.

The acoustics make the whole thing play out like a breakup song, which we can all assume is intended for ex-member Zayn Malik. (Side note: Is it a coincidence that this video came out the same week that Malik is dropping his debut single? We think not.)

Take in all the bittersweet memories in the video, above.