One Direction And Jimmy Fallon Perform The Drunkest Xmas Song Ever

not your average “santa claus is coming to town”

Any time One Direction appears on television, that clip is bound to be broadcast and shared among groups of gaggling 13-year-olds across the world. It's pretty much fact at this point. So it totally makes sense that more and more late-night shows have invited the boy band to come onto their set—not to perform, but to participate in creating the next large-scale Internet-era phenomenon (see: Jimmy Kimmel's #CutestSelfieEver). 

And since it wouldn't be a holiday season without a huge ratings boost, Jimmy Fallon asked 1D to come do a kitchy Christmas song segment. In what may have started as a good idea, they had The Roots bring in some classroom instruments (xylophones, triangles, toy drums, etc.), put on some "festive" knit holiday sweaters, and start crooning along to "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town."

What resulted was akin to what happens when a bunch of drunk adults grab all the toddlers at a holiday party and just start screeching at the top of their lungs. It's fun for those who participate, but for anyone nearby who is less wasted, well... It's a lot like watching this clip. Check it out for yourself below.