Watch One Direction Throw A Shade Storm In Their New Music Video

it’s “perfect”

What could be more perfect than a new One Direction song? A new music video, duh. When "Perfect" dropped last week, we couldn't help but notice all the references pointing to Harry Styles' ex, Taylor Swift. The music video takes the song to the next level of shade. Cast in black and white, the video consists of shots of the guys alone in their private hotel rooms in New York City.

Louis sits on top of a counter, Liam gets tatted up, Niall plays golf in a mug, Harry seductively leans on some windows before spinning on the wall in the hallway—the skyscrapers in the background make it all extra-dramatic. Between the scenes of the guys eating together, heading to photo shoots, and tossing around luggage at the elevator, it seems like a typical day in the life of 1D. 

As Mashable pointed out, the presence of the clouds is intentional—the reference comes directly from Taylor Swift's "Style" music video. (If you can't wait, skip ahead to 2:43-3:00). It's the ultimate throwing of shade, because it's quite literal, and we are so here for it. Watch "Perfect" play out, above.