Oneohtrix Point Never Boring Angel Emoji Music Video

we’re addicted to this all emoji, all the time vid.

by steff yotka

If Philip Glass and James Blake had a song baby, it would be "Boring Angel" by Brooklyn-based experimental outfit Oneohtrix Point Never. Repetitive, escalating, addicting, the song is something you could listen to for days and then fall into a wonderland--or wormhole--of experimental music. And then you see the music video.

Directed by John Michael Boling, the video consists of a series of singe emojis that flash, centered, on a white background. The images shift through all the stages of life: love, addiction, solitude, marriage, death, and even reprise at the end for an emoji-led applause. If Spike Jonze's new film, Her, didn't already have the perfect soundtrack by Arcade Fire and Karen O, this song should be the film's title track and the video its closing credits.

In the 15 minutes since Josh Madden, king of the Internet and content director of NYLON Guys' site, sent me the video, I've already watched it a zillion--OK, three--times. But I intend to watch it a zillion times more. So sound off on Twitter and Facebook, is this emoji video a good idea, or maybe the best idea ever?