take your pick from eyeko’s trio of new mascaras.

by liza darwin

We've always harbored a not-so-secret obsession with Eyeko's Fat Balms. But it turns out, the Brit beauty company has another secret weapon product that's about to come out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

This month the London-based brand has reinvented itself, taking cues from its name and putting the "Eye" back in Eyeko with a new series of mascaras. Jumping off of the original "Big Eyes" version, it's taken things a step further with three distinct wands.

The Skinny Brush makes your lashes super long, the Fat Brush shoots for maximum volume, and the Curvy Brush plumps and curls lashes- no tools needed. Plus, each one comes with an ingenious Eyeko "shield," a plastic guitar pick-looking tool which you can use to keep the mascara from smudging onto your lid as you apply.

All is takes is just one swipe, and you'll see that getting the total package has never been prettier.

$19 each here.