Opening Ceremony Lookbook

opening ceremony’s sleepy lookbook, plus rebel wilson’s major role.

by liza darwin

Opening Ceremony's new lookbook has literally everything: cuddling couples, passed-out party girls, and seriously cute clothes. Click through the entire thing here and then get your clicking finger ready--because it's all available to buy online right this second. (Opening Ceremony)

How To Dress Well just dropped his new video for "Repeat Pleasure," and let's just put it this way--this is one of those rare clips that actually does an incredible song justice. Watch it below, but grab some tissues first! (Pitchfork)

Is the world really ready for 3-D makeup? Thanks to this new company, it's happening sooner than you think. (Racked)

You love Rebel Wilson. We love Rebel Wilson. So if there's anyone who can tackle a remake of Private Benjamin, it's this lady. The Aussie comedian will star in a revamp of the Goldie Hawn classic, and we really can't wait. If you need a refresher on the original, watch the trailer below!  (Collider

WHOA. The new Power Rangers movie isn't only happening, but it's being developed by the people behind The Hunger Games! New blockbuster franchise, anyone? All signs point to yes. (The Guardian UK)