oreo snack hacks

Some rad creations featuring America’s favorite cookie…

by Josh Madden

Oreo Snack Hacks

When you hear the word “hacking,” you probably think of breaking into computers or Tom Cruise in

Mission Impossible

--well, the team over at Oreo is about to give the word a whole new definition when it comes to eating.

We were invited out to get a taste of Oreo’s brand new video series, titled “Snack Hacks.” Hosted by chef legends Michael Voltaggio from

Top Chef

Roy Choi 

the "food truck Godfather," and Nguyen Tran from Starry Kitchen, they showed us the trend of remixing by replacing standard recipes with simple yet inventive ways to eat this classic. Assuming we’d enjoy a few cookies in a handful of clever ways then have to grab a slice on our way back to the office, we didn’t think Oreos could suffice for lunch...turns out, they can.

Upon arrival we were greeted with an ice cold shandy--but because this is Snack Hacks, it was an Oreo Shandy. Chef Voltaggio was able to take lemon Oreos and turn them into a syrup, which, if you pour over ice and top with a beer, it literally tastes like you’re drinking a cookie. By this point our minds were blown, and we hadn’t even gotten to the food yet. We took our seats and Michael continued to keep with the mind-blown theme by creating the Oreo Fanatic Hack. With the help of a food processor, flour, and water he was able to return the cookie to its dough form. From here he spread it paper thin, baked it, sliced it up and


, you have an Oreo tortilla chip. Leaving us in total awe by this cookie chip, we remembered one thing: you can’t have chips without salsa. So to match with the theme, we dipped in an unreal sweet strawberry salsa.

For those of you who don’t know 

Roy Choi

, he is most known for his revolutionary Korean bbq taco food truck out in LA. It was great to chat with him about his background and see the passion he has for feeding his community. For his dish he wanted to stick with an American staple: chicken tenders. Titled the Midnight Hack-- because who doesn’t love some late-night chicken?-- He managed to mix golden Oreos (wafers only) with some bread crumbs and fry these tenders. It was hands- down one of the best chicken meals we’ve ever had[,] period. To go along with these, chef Roy introduced us to a sauce we’ve never tried before: banana ketchup. This sweet and tangy dipping goodness paired perfectly with the chicken tenders and is probably our new favorite sauce! If anyone knows where we can cop some, please let us know!

Closing out the meal, Nguyen Tran made us his unbelievable impulse hack. This bread pudding concoction was an awesome remix of an already sweet treat and repurposing it into an entirely new dessert.

We know all of this sounds a little to be good to be true, so we highly suggest checking out the videos below to see inside each chef’s hack. Big thanks to Oreo for having us out, we can’t wait to try these recipes at home! Check out even more hacks 


and see what you can come up with.

-photos and words by Yung Will