Diana Gordon Is Putting Herself On The Line

Her new EP, ‘Pure,’ is the most personal she’s ever gotten

Singer Diana Gordon’s music is filled with so much emotion that it seems to emanate directly from her soul. That’s due, in part, to the fact that she grew up singing worship hymns—her parents were both pastors, so she was constantly singing in church (and everywhere else).

The story behind her new EP, Pure, is nothing less than a miracle. A chance encounter led her to want to bring more of herself into her music and tell a more personal story with her fans. “That’s what this EP is about,” she says. “Connecting me with my listeners and knowing me a little better.”

Pure drops today, August 3. Listen as she previews a couple songs for us and tells us more about her musical influences.


Produced by Charlotte Prager

Shot by Dani Okon

Edited by Madeline Stedman

Shot at the Victor + Mo Gallery, featuring work by artist Leah Guadagnoli