Out Here: Herizen Turns Freestyles Into Bops

Listen for yourself

You may recognize Herizen’s face, or voice, or both—she played Mylene Cruz in Netflix’s The Get Down. We were instantly in awe after seeing and hearing her on the show and knew we had to bring her out for a jam session. Here, she talks about her reggae influences, her songwriting process (which is more freestyle than anything else), and why she wants to bring out her multifaceted personality with her music. Watch above for more on the artist, and you can pre-save her new single “Come Over to My House,” here.


Shot by Charlotte Prager and Gretta Wilson

Edited by Charlotte Prager

Produced by Alexandra Hsie

PA by Milan Miller

Facebook: @thisisherizen

Twitter: @herizenfawn

Instagram: @herizen_fawn