out of africa

a new accessories line that’s truly made well.

by liza darwin

When we spotted MADE jewelry on the Urban Outfitters website, our first thoughts were, "Whoa, those are cute." But after a little research we found there's way more to these stackable rings, oversized cuffs, and neon necklaces than meets the eye. These are pretty pieces that look good and do good, too.

Founded by Cristina Cisilino and Gerson Barnett, the U.K.-based company enlists established accessory designers to sketch conceptual jewelry and handbags. Then they take the designs to artisans in East Africa, who actually create these one-of-a-kind products.

But rather than an idealistic charity project, the brand instead intends to help break the cycle of poverty by promoting fair trade, teaching new skills, and empowering both the people who make the items and those who buy them.

They've already recruited designers like Laura Bailey, Hattie Rickards, and even Alexa Chung to lend their hands. And the best part is, it's only getting started. Click here to shop, learn more, and get "MADE."