The Emotional Stages of a Breakup As Told By Your Outfit

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    by · October 05, 2016

    Breakups: We’ve all been there. Even the most self-assured and confident people can be deeply affected by a breakup, and whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, parting ways is never easy.

    The first time I had my heart truly broken, my outfits were all over the place. Some were barely presentable to walk down to the lobby of my building to meet the delivery guy, and some were so out there that strangers on the subway would blatantly stare at me and wonder if I had just run away from the circus. I remembered feeling sad, angry, and definitely a little lost.

    We present the five stages of the post-breakup wardrobe, from downing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and sobbing into your pillow to the moment you’ve decided you’re ready to rebound and give love another chance.

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