it’s a rainbow world

a grownup coloring book featuring keith haring and shepard fairey designs.

by liza darwin

Say whatever you want about being too old for coloring books, but trust us--you're going to want this one. Outside The Lines is a self-proclaimed "grownup" coloring book, a seriously awesome twist on the childhood classic featuring pages designed by some of our favorite artists.

Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGuinness, and more than 100 other contemporary creatives had a hand in crafting these black and white illustrations. While the painters, musicians, and video game designers involved may have conceptualized the works and even started coloring some of them in, it's up to us to finish them. 

Oh, and just in case you still weren't convinced that this isn't your little sister's coloring book? The best part is, you can frame these designs on your wall after you're finished and tell everyone they're by some of the biggest names in art (you just helped them out a bit).

Buy the book here.