p55 chino by original penguin

No need for a tailor…

by Christian Lavery

Over the last couple of years we’ve become pretty good friends with our tailor. Not because we both like the Yankees or because we both share a common love for pizza, but more so because we’re always there getting our pants altered. Yes, finding a pair of pants that fits properly in all the right places still eludes us. But with the latest introduction of the P55 Chino from Original Penguin, it seems as though our trips to the tailor may become a little less frequent. Slim through the hip and knee and slightly tapered at the hem, the P55 has a straight-leg opening that needs no modifications. They sit just below the waist and include chambray binding on the outside seam, chambray detailing on the inside, and welt ticker pockets for a clean silhouette. Available in 10 different colorways, these pants fit perfectly – so perfectly, that we don’t know why you wouldn’t want one in every shade. Pick up a few pairs HERE - and don’t worry, we’re sure your tailor won’t have too much trouble finding a new best friend.