paint the rainbow

roy g biv meet maybelline’s color show.

by jazzi mcgilbert

ROY G. BIV just isn't cutting it anymore. Case in point: Maybelline's new Color Show collection of over 30 (and counting) nail lacquers that put Mr. Biv to shame. The polishes feature the greatest hits from the color wheel and everything in between, from crackles to shimmers to "Go-Go Green" and "Sweet Clementine."

Faran tried one color for each of her digits to an ombre effect, and the verdict is in: they require 2 coats plus a top coat for maximum color payoff but they're good! Just like their go-to mascaras, these Maybelline polishes are great for the price and a soon-to-be drugstore classic. You can play with the whole color wheel on their site and at $3.99 each, you could potentially collect-them-all. Just remember: you only have 10 fingers and 10 toes. --