Pale Waves’ New Video Is A Goth Matrix Masterpiece

The chains of love compel us

Manchester's Pale Waves makes it fun to feel goth. With subject matter ranging from falling in love with a mannequin to leading that tour life and engaging in lonely dances, each of the videos lifted from the quartet's All The Things I Never Said EP has been a macabre visual delight. "Heavenly," the fourth and final video from the EP, pushes the audience into the future. 

Heather Baron-Gracie, the band's frontwoman, takes center stage in the Adam Powell-directed video. Dressed in the finest Matrix catsuit and with a full face of makeup worthy of the cybergoth gods, Baron-Gracie is tugged and pulled by wires in an Edward Scissorhands-meets-No Strings Attached moment. (That's quite a reference, eh?) The song's heart comes through even from behind the bold visuals—whoever Baron-Gracie is singing of is worth this push and pull.

After nine buzzy SXSW showcases this year, Pale Waves is on the road towards something big. Watch their space. It's going to be heavenly.