london’s fantasy eyelashes come to sephora.

by faran krentcil

Last year during London Fashion Week, we fell hard for Paperself, the paper sculpture company that designs mobiles, tapestries, and (yes) fake eyelashes from carefully crafted pieces of paper.

Now it seems America is getting their fair shot at them:

The lashes hit Sephora this week.

If you've got to guts to try them out, keep in mind a little makeup goes a long way - just a color wash from some wet shadow on your lids should do it, and obviously, let it dry before you start applying the fanciful appendages.

Also, keep in mind, these intricate lashes aren't for newbies - if you've never done falsies before, get some "beginner" lashes from Urban Decay, and follow online tutorials from Michelle Phan so you can apply them with glamour, and not with mess. (It takes practice, so don't give up!)

Paperself lashes, $19.50 each at Sephora