testing out sephora’s new glimmer sheets.

by faran krentcil

When Sephora announced they'd released a pack of "shimmer sheets" that look like paper but act like blush, bronzer, and face illuminator, we ordered some immediately to test. Our first impressions: We like how portable the book of sheets is (about the size of a toy flip book), but tearing out individual pages made our hands really shiny. Although that made us a bit nervous, we followed Sephora's instructions and gently wiped a sheet of illuminator on our intern Sara Wasilak's cheekbones. Surprisingly, it was almost exactly the right amount of highlight - we just had to rub it in a little with our fingers! The bronzer was a similar success, and while we were really nervous about the blush (because it looks like a giant hot pink piece of glitter) it appeared way more subtly than expected. The sheets are $16, and will last you all summer. After a little bit of practice, we'd say they're definitely worth it.

Sephora Shimmer Sheet Set, $16 online

Sara Wasilak outside the NYLON office.