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catching up with paris hilton

heaven scent

We pick Paris Hilton's brain on her newest fragrance, music career, and favorite moments from The Simple Life:

So, this is the 10th anniversary of your fragrance. How does it feel? 

It feels amazing, I feel so proud. When I was a little girl I knew I wanted to do big things, but I never thought that I would have my own fragrance empire. 

Why did you decide to repackage it? 

It’s still one of our top sellers— people love it. It’s the same scent, but we made it more fragrant, so it smells even better than the original. I packaged it in rhinestones because I wanted to make it special, unique, and beautiful. It’s totally me. If I were a bottle of perfume, that's what I would be.

What are some of your favorite fragrance notes? 

I really love the ones in the 10th anniversary edition especially. It smells like frozen apple mixed with peach.

Can we talk about The Simple Life really quickly? 

Yes! I miss that show. It was so fun. I still watch it.

Do you still “sanasa”? 

Yeah! I still do it. People always come up to me on the street and say “sanasa” and then we’ll do it together.

What season do you rewatch?

Season one because it's my favorite.

How would you say that your beauty look has evolved since then?

Back then I didn't even wear fake eyelashes, and I didn't know about contouring. I didn't really wear a lot of makeup on the show. Now, I have an amazing makeup artist. I love contouring and big eyelashes, and just having fun with makeup. I was more of a tomboy before.

What is the best and worst beauty advice that you've gotten?

The best was from my mom from when I was a teenager. My friends used to always lie out in the sun, and my mom would be like, “Don’t do that. You’re going to ruin your skin.” I listened to her and I’m glad I did. And the worst was when someone once told me to put mayonnaise in my hair. My hair reeked of mayonnaise after that for a week.

What is the best advice that you could give to our readers? 

You only live once, so live life to the fullest. Be happy, and don’t listen to negative people.

How do you see your empire expanding? 

I have 17 product lines. I feel like I make everything. The one thing that I’ve always wanted to get into that I haven’t yet is makeup. I’m about to launch a line of makeup this year, and a skincare line, too.

I want to ask about your music career. We love “Stars Are Blind.” What are you working on now? 

My single is out in two months! It’s called “High Off My Love” featuring Birdman. The music video is me with all of these hot male models. I was inspired by Madonna’s “Justify My Love” video mixed with Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s really bondagey and hot.

What are your favorite catch phrases now? 

I still say “loves it” and “that’s hot,” but “hungry tiger” and “beyond” are my newer ones.

Would you ever do reality television again?

I get calls every single day from producers and networks begging me to come back to TV, but I’m so busy that I wouldn’t have time. I’m focusing on my brand and my business. I don’t have time to do a show. 

I think people forget that you are a businesswoman, and everything you do, especially this fragrance, is ageless. Everyone still loves it. What would you say in response to people who don’t really understand that about you? 

I really don’t pay attention to them. I don’t care about people who don’t care about me. If people are negative or mean, then that’s their issue. Screw them.