do you want to smell like a hotel? maybe if it’s french.

by faran krentcil

There's something intoxicating about the Hotel Costes in Paris, though nobody's really sure why.

The first time I went there, I wound up in the hotel's velvet-padded lounge, next to Sting and his daughter, the model Coco Sumner.  We drank too much champagne and I toppled to the bathroom, only to fall - basically face first - on Paul & Joe designer Sophie Albou.  She rewarded me with one of their cult floral-print lipsticks.

A year later, I was back with Henry Holland, Agyness Deyn, and The MisShapes at 1 am, and though there was no macaroni and cheese on the menu, we managed to convince our tres cute waiter that the kitchen should make it for us, anyway.

Then there's an even bigger adventure from Luke Crisell, whose long-and-winding conversation with Mary Kate Olsen - in the back room of the very same hotel - became one of NYLON's most popular articles ever.

Apparently, enough magic moments have happened inside the Hotel Costes' walls that they figured they should try and bottle them up.  Enter Costes Perfume, a blend of woods and spices that mimics the hotel's signature candles and incense. 

Though it launched in 2004, enough time's passed for Hotel Costes to introduce their second scent, inspired by the place's wild-yet-languid night scene.  In a painted black bottle, the perfume combines rose, orange, cinnamon, and gaiac wood, plus a hint of cotton - inspired, the hotel says, by its massive down comforters, which wrap the guests every night - if they ever make it to bed.

$135 per bottle at Lucky Scent