Queenie Eye Paul McCartney Kate Moss Johnny Depp

see kate moss dance and johnny depp headbang.

by steff yotka

Urgent! Stop whatever you're doing and watch the new video for Paul McCartney's new song "Queenie Eye." You know, the one with

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp in it

? Yeah, it's here and you can watch it below! Are you doing it? OK, good. 

Now listen up, because these are the 10 craziest things to happen in the video, from Johnny Depp's solo headbanging to Meryl Streep's dance moves. (They are indeed, crazy, trust me.) After you read our list, watch the behind the scenes video below too, because, as you know, there's no such thing as too much Johnny Depp. 

1. The Amount of Celebrities Appearing in the Video is Insane:

Here's just a sampling of the stars we noticed the first time around: Johnny Depp, Lily Cole, Kate Moss, Meryl Streep, Sean Penn, Tom Ford, Jeremy Irons, Tracey Ullman, Chris Pine, and Jude Law. 

2. Johnny Depp Headbangs to an Old School iPod:

Not sure why everyone else is listening to Sir Paul playing the piano and Johnny Depp has an iPod from 2004, but he looks pretty cute head-bobbing along. We'll take it. 

3. It Was Filmed in Abbey Road Studios:

McCartney went back to the legendary studio where The Beatles recorded Abbey Road to throw his dance party-themed video. 

4. Kate Moss Table Dances:

Rumor had it that Moss would twerk in this video, but, alas, she just dances on a table in a slinky black dress instead. 

5. Meryl Streep's Dance Moves Are Nuts:

Like, amazing-nuts. At the 3:29 mark she does a time out hand gesture and then throws it away. You go, Meryl!

6. Sean Penn Broods Alone:

Everyone else gets to join in on the dance party, except for Sean Penn, who sits alone with he head down nodding. Don't be so blue, Sean! You're in a Paul McCartney video.

7. Tom Ford is Turning Into A '70s Gangster:

Note the sepia sunglasses and unbuttoned shirt. He must be really excited about American Hustle too. We feel that.

8. Jude Law is Still a Hipster:

Not a crazy thing, but a wonderful one. He wears a pork pie hat and a denim jacket that is only buttoned at the neck. Clearly Jude Law is my personal private icon. 

9. Johnny Depp is The Best Eye-Roller in the World:

In the behind-the-scenes video you can watch below, Depp does an eye roll that even Liz Lemon could not match. It happens around the 1:50 mark. Trust me, you don't want to miss it. 

10. Johnny Depp and Kate Moss Are Not in the Same Place At the Same Time:

By the looks of it, Depp is not in the room while Moss is table dancing. For the whole video, he sits on the floor by the piano leg, but when the camera pans up during Moss' dance sequence, he is noticeably missing from the background. Our dreams are crushed.