Photo courtesy of Peachy Queen


A Beauty Brand Is Launching A ‘Clueless’-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette

As if!

Peachy Queen is here to make all of your ‘90s dreams come. The indie beauty label, known for its whimsical palettes and brush sets, has just dropped an eyeshadow palette inspired by none other than the leading ladies of 1995, Clueless' Cher and Dionne. Iconic, right?

Photo courtesy of Peachy Queen

As you can see above, the palette is no joke. Packing 30 shades of shadow in matte, shimmery, and pressed glitter textures, it will, according to the brand, “make you feel like a spoiled ‘90s Beverly Hills teen.” (Sign us up, please.) From what we can see, shade names include phrases like “As If,” “Oops, My Bad!” and “Whatever,” and colors range from a pastel yellow to glittery blues and violets, plus a whole slew of pinks and mauves.

But what warms our hearts most of all would have to be the iconic yellow plaid packaging. Does a more Cher Horowitz thing exist? We think not.

You can pre-order the palette now for $39.99 at and soon, you, too, can be a “full-on Monet.”