pelicans reversible jacket by altru

The perfect jacket times two…

by Josh Madden

There are some brands you want to keep for to yourself. You know, you don't want your friends wearing them. So when they ask "Hey, where is that jacket from?" you just tell them you forgot where you got it from or that it was a gift. Altru is kind of that brand for us, but we like telling people about it because every season its collection grows and as it soaks its returns back into the line, the product selection just gets more and more rad. We've been fans of the brand since back in its t-shirt days and now it's doing full cut and sew collections and everything it is turning out is solid.

Our favorite jacket from the latest collection is the Pelicans Reversible because hey, the cut and fit of the jacket are so good, we'd want two of them anyway. It's like the work 'n play jacket, with the solid side for the serious times and a pelican print for the weekends. With pockets on both sides[,] there's plenty of room for storage and the minimal branding is key if you want to keep Altru a secret...we won't blame you. Check out this jacket and the rest of Altru's amazing collection HERE.