coffee facewash for the caffeine addict in all of us.

by liza darwin

Last year we introduced you to Barista Bath and Body,

the Portland brand who swears that caffeine is the ultimate beauty secret weapon. First came the coffee-infused shampoo. Next up, they're injecting your basic cup of Joe into facewash...well, kind of.

The "Grind" face polish contains grains of coffee to exfoliate and pure coffee seed oil for antioxidants, along with more traditional ingredients like Vitamin E and C. We liked the scrub because it's an easy way to slough away dry skin and dirt, but still gentle enough to use everyday if you want. Plus, this java infusion that leaves us feeling-and smelling- instantly refreshed.

Unfortunately, the mix doesn't have enough kick to replace a morning Starbucks order (we're still struggling with our New Years Resolution to drink less caffeine). But at least we've finally found a morning brew we don't have to feel guilty about.

Buy it here.