which lip stains make the cut?

by ali hoffman and liza darwin

If the beauty counter were high school, lip stains would definitely take the prize for "most popular," at least this season.

What's with the sudden obsession? Stains are the perfect roll-out-of-bed product to last you through the day. They're the easiest way to get a boost of color, without having to deal with annoying gloss stickiness or tricky lipstick application.

This surge in popularity means there's an overwhelming amount of lip stains on the market, but not to worry. We've done the tough job of testing the good, the bad, and the ugly, to find the best options out there for all needs and every price. Here are our favorites:

Vincent Longo: Stain for Lips and Cheeks

Unlike our other picks, this gel-like stain has been around since our highschool days.

The best part: It lasts for hours, which makes it our go-to stain when getting ready for a long night!

Revlon: "Just Bitten" Lip Stain & Balm Beloved

We promise, we like this product for reasons other than its vampire innuendo!

The best part: The balm/stain combo is totally genius. It's amazing how a light base of moisture helps the color go on evenly, resulting in a more natural pout.

Three Custom Color: Specialists Lip and Cheek Stain

Don't be alarmed by it's non-stick appearance; this 2-in-1 stain gives the perfect flush and also enhances your natural lip color.

The best part: It's the only stain in the bunch that comes with a mirror, making it that much easier to stay inside the lines- and touch up on the go.

Tarte: "Lipsurgence" Natural Matte Lip Stain

This all-natural, peppermint-scented lip crayon comes in tons of different hues that flatter pretty much everyone.

The best part: They promise to deliver 6000% more moisture to your lips. And while we can't accurately judge this percentage, our lips definitely felt much softer after using it.

Maybelline: Color Sensational Lip Stain

We've already drooled over this marker, but we just had to give it one more shoutout.

The best part: It comes in tons of bold, juicy shades; and, it's so cheap, you can buy more than one.

3 Custom Color: Specialists Lip and Cheek Stain, $22.50

Vincent Longo: Stain for Lips and Cheeks, $22.50

Revlon "Just Bitten" Lip Stain & Balm, $5.39

Maybelline: Color Sensational Lip Stain, $4.49 (sale)

Tarte: LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain, $24.