Pia Mia Makes The Best Summertime Music Videos

Been a fan already

Playfulness is to Pia Mia what sadness is to Lana Del Rey—especially in the summertime: essential. The rising star continually releases music videos that play out like some adult version of a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen feature if Mary-Kate and Ashley were one super-charged human with dance moves that rival the best in the game. She's the real deal, and her latest visual, the tequila-kissed "I'm A Fan feat. Jeremih," is a testament to that.

Let's begin: Pia Mia rolls up lookin' extra fly in some #SponCon Jeep. (No shade!) Time is wasted by no one, and Pia Mia dives straight into yet another elaborate and hypnotic dance break—one that legitimately had me screaming. Like her video for the highly addictive "Do It Again," Pia Mia shines when she's expressing her true self and whipping her hair around against sunny skies and some body of water. She knows where to look and when; this isn't her first time at the She Did That! Rodeo.

What follows are more seasonal dream scenarios: poolside lounging complete with twerking friends, dimly lit rooms with floor-length mirrors to seduce yourself with, and a final dance break that brings to mind her iconic street moves in the "Touch" video (one of 2015's best and most underrated). The flexing here is real. The summer envy is real. Pia Mia is, again, the real deal. Be a fan. It's your summertime obligation.