The Barden Bellas Are Back in First Teaser Trailer

Watch out for a guest appearance from… DJ Khaled?

The Barden Bellas are back for round three of Pitch Perfect. And we have a first teaser look at what the vocally blessed ladies have been up to.

The short clip is more like a behind-the-scenes look at what’s in store. The film’s director, Trish Sie, takes us on a global tour with the Bellas, where we see Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) being attached by dogs. There are also some action scenes. And oh, DJ Khaled, the guy who somehow manages to be everywhere at once, is going to have a guest appearance. Most importantly, we get a look at how close the a cappella singing group is IRL.

This will likely be the last installment of the franchise, and that’s hinted at in the short. Screenwriter Kay Cannon told E! in an interview: "I think it's the end of the Bellas as we know them. If there's a Pitch Perfect 4, it will be a new crop."

A new batch of Bellas is welcome, but we’ll always hold the old group very close to our hearts—and ears. Watch the teaser trailer above. The film is set to come out in December.