Photo courtesy of Pizza Witch

Pizza Witch Is Here To Tell Your Future

Meet our dream divination deck

Looking for a bit of guidance, but not necessarily feeling the traditional tarot? Well, lucky for you, Pizza Witch is here to help.

Designer and illustrator Courtney Andujar has created a brand-new divination deck, the Pizza Witch Fortune Telling Cards, to help us interpret our futures and fortunes to come. According to the artist, the deck is a “modern, non-heteronormative take on divination,” taking themes from classic tarot cards and infusing them with everything from folklore to pop culture references and daily life.

Rather than drawing the Empress or the Six Of Pentacles to interpret current state, you’ll find cards such as the Stick And Poke and Ramen Noodles. Whether you're an up-and-coming witch or an experienced mystic, these are super relatable and definitely fun to use.

Of course, along with the launch, comes a nostalgic commercial that tugs on our heartstrings—inspired by the ones for late, great Miss Cleo and other ‘90s phenomena like that bizarre Dream Phone game.

Each new deck comes with an instruction book and a golden velvet protective pouch. While it doesn't launch until April 20, you can pre-order a deck of your very own for $25 here.