Planned Parenthood Is Helping Transgender Patients in a Major Way

another win for the nonprofit

Planned Parenthood is primarily known as a nonprofit offering women's health services, including abortions. But now, the organization is also being recognized for offering seriously noteworthy services to transgender patients—specifically, hormone replacement therapy.

Although it seems like society is becoming more accepting of transgender individuals as personalities like Caitlyn Jenner help to fight existing stigmas, transgender people still face plenty of barriers when seeking medical care. In addition to strict requirements for insurance coverage, patients can have trouble finding doctors who will provide the necessary services. This can lead some to resort to injecting illegally obtained and unsafe hormones.

Here's where Planned Parenthood comes in. Currently, 26 locations offer testosterone or estrogen therapy without requiring a letter from a patient's therapist to do so. This means treatments can be delivered more quickly and with fewer costs. Patients are also allowed to transfer their transgender care to Planned Parenthood if they're currently being seen elsewhere.

All of this is just one more reason that the group's federal funding win earlier this month was so important, as they seek to expand the number of locations offering hormone replacement therapy.