photo by michael kozak


how to dress like a barbie girl

bts of our barbie-inspired shoot

by michael kozak

My obsession with Barbie started as a young fantasy fashion crazed child; I would spend hours brushing, styling, and braiding her California blonde hair and dress her up in whatever her job title was of the moment (my favorite was the '90s tight purple Pucci style print long sleeve mini dress—I know you remember!). Ironically I feel I still am doing this, only now in real life with real models and real dream clothes. My childhood Barbie days may have been spot-on foreshadowing, or perfect training for the future me. That being said, I’ve always wanted to do an entire Barbie tribute story ever since I can possibly remember. And with Jeremy Scott’s Moschino SS15 Barbie Girl Squad collection, there was absolutely 


better time to do it but now.

For my April fashion feature story, 'Plastic Fantastic',  I wanted her to be exactly what she is: 


the dream blonde California girl who lives in her Malibu mansion, has amazing (

all pink

) designer clothes, shops her days away in Beverly Hills and on Rodeo Drive in her pink convertible, and chills in her mansion dialing Ken on her pink dream phone to make plans for a glamorous night out in Hollywood. I tried to represent a little bit of every favorite era and moment of Barbie in my story: a bit prom, a bit princess, a bit '80s, a bit '90s, a bit rich kid.

Take some 


spring styling notes from the story and learn how to dress like Barbie any day:

Head-to-toe pink:

Wear any shade of pink (ideally hot pink or fuschia) and do what Barbie would do: Mix and match all your pink shades.

80‘s light wash denim:

We all know Barbie loved her acid wash/light wash denim moments. Throwing on a vintage Levi’s light wash denim jacket or high-waisted jean will give you that early '90s Barbie vibe.

ALL Pink Accessories:

If you can’t make the actual full clothing commitment to pink, do it in your accessories—bags, shoes, sunnies, jewelry, necklaces, cell phone cases... whatever! 

Bold statement piece: 

A pink faux fur stole or jacket (think Tommy Hilfiger SS15), anything with sequins, a pink bag (House of Holland and Shrimps have some cute options), and platform printed shoes, with socks of course.

I took my Polaroid with me on the Beverly Hills set to take some behind-the-scenes snaps of my fantasy dress up pink Barbie world. Click through the gallery below and transport yourself to a plastic world.

Also, make sure to pick up the April issue to see the entire Barbie Dream house story come to life! <3<3<3

photo by michael kozak

Behind the scenes with model Mathilde Frachon checking her #selfie game in her Moschino Barbie pink dream phone case ;)

photo by michael kozak

Barbie Squad goals <3 Models Mathilde Frachon and Milly Simmonds do their best cool-girl rich kids Barbie stare.

photo by michael kozak

Chiliing in the dream house, Barbie style.

photo by michael kozak

Moschino Barbie rollerblades, literally, forever<3

photo by michael kozak

One of my favorite BTS pics I took. Barbie surrounded in her plastic fantastic closet ! A dream…..

photo by michael kozak

Roller Babe Barbie casually zooming around her Beverly Hills dream house #HiKen

photo by michael kozak

"Pink Chanel? For me? Why thank you Ken!!" FACT: My Barbie loves ANYTHING Chanel, especially in pink.

photo by michael kozak

Barbie loves to work out, but only in pink. Here is a BTS shot, which never made the final cut! x

photo by michael kozak

Loved this broke-down doll vibe, imagined by photographer Zoey Grossman. I also loved the mix of the hyper-real pink and the suburban, slightly tacky carpet.

photo by michael kozak

Final touches: My BTS styling the Barbie Story! Plastic Fantastic realness xx

photo by michael kozak

I had so much fun accessorizing this story. I loved putting an outfit together and I just kept adding and adding—multiple bags, pins, earrings, socks, necklaces, etc. Here's a Chanel pin I fell in love with.

I am an accessories junkie, so for me, this shoot was all about the little accessory touches. Here's what it all looked like behind the scenes on location in our closet, aka a tiny bedroom ;)

This was one of five racks of clothes I had for this shoot. With this concept, I really wanted to layer her in pink and go with "more is more", so options were totally necessary.

From the Barbie Dream house closet: shoes, shoes, and sunnies!

More Chanel because Barbie can never have enough! x

These Wildfox sunnies are from their Barbie themed collection, which is beyond perfect. They give a bit of a retro '60s Barbie vibe, which I loved mixing in the story.

This Moschino cropped jacket was a dream to have.

I loved incorporating some rock 'n' roll toughness. This necklace by Miyako Bellezzi was the perfect addition to the all-pink vibe, with just enough sweetness in the blue plastic phone and some hardcore-ness from the dice and 90s ball chain. The pin by Nikki Lipstick is perfect as well; it's a bit "punk rock Barbie."

Barbie works out in a mini Moschino bag of course ;)

These Betsey Johnson shoes scream Barbie.

This is the obsession for me—the pink Moschino Barbie bag with Moschino SS15 sequined jeans. I added some bag accessories like this perfect lipstick bag charm by House of Holland and fluffy pink guy from Shrimps. <3

"I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world "

"Ugh, I have nothing to wear!" Barbie finally chooses a suitable day outfit (Moschino and Miu Miu, of course) and is ready to hit Rodeo Drive to buy more dream clothes #byeee <3

Pile on some all pink jewelry in various shades and textures and mix it with some fluff and sparkle for a classic dream Barbie girl vibe.

I fell in love with these Sophia Webster shoes. They were perfect and felt super plastic and Barbie. I added the American Apparel sock for a cute, fun twist.

Nothing tops off a full Barbie look like a pink Moschino Barbie clutch #duh #whatwouldbarbiedo?

<3 Sequins, pearls, blonde hair, and a pink Barbie name plate necklace <3. Incorporate these details in your wardrobe and you'll be that much closer to nailing the look.