poison control

is this perfume drop-dead gorgeous?

by faran krentcil

Most of us have stolen Dior Poison from our mother's vanity tables and tried the seductive perfume out for ourselves. But a new fragrance from Tokyo Milk takes the femme fatale archetype to a literal level by capturing the smell of arsenic in a $36 bottle.

See Also: Morphine Lipstick. The perfume has notes of sea salt, vanilla bean, cut greens, cardamom, crushed fennel, wood, tonka, and absinthe. (Meanwhile, actual arsenic is a metallic compound on the periodic table. It used to be a common pesticide ingredient and a frequent murder weapon in old novels; now it's found in many bullets.)

Plus: This perfume is called "Lady Vengeance." How dangerous do you want to smell? Guess it depends how many squirts you use...

Tokyo Milk Arsenic Perfume, $36 at Sephora.