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the most popular cat names, by state

is your meow on this list?

If you're reading this while snuggling up to a purring fur ball named Bella, you're not alone. Looks like Bella is the most popular cat name in states across the country, as depicted in a new infographic by Vocativ based on data from Veterinary Pet Insurance. Wonder how Kristen Stewart feels about that. 

Of course, these are just the cats with health insurance: Is it is a coincidence that cat parents who register their fur babies tend to be Twilight fans? And are uninsured cats—kitties who live off the grid, if you will—more likely to have scrappier names? I personally know of at least two unregistered felines named after anarchist/activist Emma Goldman and would love to know how many more are out there. (In the NYLON office alone, we have the following: Snacky, Bowie, Atari, Cheddar Cheese Puff, and Missy Misdemeanor Meow.)

Beyond Bella, the names are somewhat predictable. In New York, the most popular kitty name is Oliver. Lucy, Lily, Misty, and Chloe are scattered throughout the country, with some outliers like Pepper and Patches. Check out the full graphic and let us know if your cat's name is up there. (via Vocativ)