post-shave solutions by zirh

Save for skin…

by Christian Lavery

Once that last whisker is removed and your face is free of any and all hair that may have once consumed the majority of your cheeks, chin, and/or upper lip, a few things could happen. Unfortunately, one of them isn’t so favorable. But there is good news: preventing that unsatisfactory outcome -- which by the way, will come in the form of redness, razor burn, or irritation -- is easily preventable.

Both of Zirh’s post-shave essentials, its “Soothe-Gel” as well as its “Erase” after shave relief tonic, will keep your skin healthy and counteract the unwelcoming issues that the razor may cause. Additionally, the “Soothe-Gel” will hydrate and protect the skin against environmental stressors, while “Erase” will firm the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Buy Zirh’s products HERE, and from now on, your post-shave problems will bea thing of the past.