dust up with the new dry shampoo from lush.

by liza darwin

Usually we save dry shampoo for really specific times- days when our alarm "breaks" (otherwise known as oversleeping), after late nights out, or when we're just feeling lazy.

That's because as genius as it is, the product has a few drawbacks. Sometimes the scent smells too much like chemicals or the powdery formula doesn't absorb all the way...and trust us, dandruff is not the look we're going for here.

But LUSH has come to our rescue yet again with its first-ever dry powder shampoo. Spritzed with lemon, grapefruit and lime, No Drought blended into our dark brown hair as soon as we dusted it on. At just $13, this is one 30-second beauty staple that we'd actually use everyday.

Plus, it also means our alarm clock gets to "break" more often...and who's going to argue with that?

Buy No Drought starting next Friday at LUSH.