Photo courtesy of Matches Fashion


Welp, This Giant Prada Fanny Pack Is $1,550

It’s called fashion, look it up

After some mental preparation, we’ve been fully embracing the return of the fanny pack for over a year now. In fact, some brands are even specializing in them, and are doing a pretty stellar job at it. And now, Prada has put out an oversized version—and it costs over a thousand bucks.

Excuse me? Yes, that’s right. Prada is selling its Black Nylon Belt Bag, which is basically just a giant fanny pack with studded buckled straps, for a cool $1,550. You can shop it on both the Prada website and luxury e-tailer Matches Fashion.

Photo courtesy of Prada

Why is this nylon fanny pack so expensive? What sorts of things can we fit in there? Has anyone bought it? Does this mean the trend is finally peaking and will now begin to disappear? We have so many questions.