a list of legit ways to help our friends in the pacific.

by nylon

If watching CNN's coverage of Japan is overwhelming for you, imagine how it feels to our friends and colleagues in the area. Though some stores have reopened for business in Tokyo, many of the country's food, water, and medical supply chains are still down, and evacuations continue to take place close to the nuclear power sites and seaside.

Many relief efforts are popping up around the world.  But before you give your money to a product with "proceeds benefiting Japan," try to find an organization that takes 100% of your money, not just what's left over after production, and sends it to those in need.  Even $10 - roughly the cost of three lattes - can help Japan recover, as long as everyone works together.

THE RED or text REDCROSS to 90-999 to automatically donate $10.

THE SALVATION ARMYThe aid organization has over 1000 employees in Japan already.

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPSHelp doctors already working in Japan, or text 80-888 to automatically donate $10.

JUST GIVING JAPANA charity that's paired with NYLON Japan to raise relief money from readers and fans. 

AmeriCaresWe like this charity's website because it shows exactly where your dollars are going.

NYLON Japan TwitterIf you speak Japanese, keep up with the NYLON Japan office and their fundraising efforts in Tokyo.