Premiere: ages and ages “Divisionary”

This is the sound of summer…

by Josh Madden

Things to know about Portland, Oregon: Portlandia, Voodoo Donuts, trees, and the band Ages and Ages. This upbeat indie outfit is bringing their second record Divisionary to sit at the table with the likes of New Pornographers, Polyphonic Spree, and the Shins.Once you hit play your ears will be filled with captivating vocal harmonies, group claps, and gang's a sonic celebration. All the instruments are layered in a way that puts the catchy melodies right in the spotlight, never feeling overdone but just right. In our opinion this is the recipe for feel good, upbeat vibes--and with warm weather right around the corner, we've found the soundtrack for summer.

“When we made this album, we wanted a word to describe how we felt and what we were going through as individuals and a band,” says Ages singer Tim Perry, “so we made one up. Divisionary signifies a group whose vision of ‘right’ is upsetting to the existing power structure. It includes a philosophical, spiritual, and physical ‘breaking off’ from the status quo. It also references the individual inner conflicts that arise as you struggle to make the right choices in life. Visionaries don’t always create conflict, but they challenge the establishment with new ideas and with the threat of change. Where there is change, there is usually resistance, controversy, division."

We're excited to give you an exclusive first listen, and be sure to pick up a copy when it drops March 25th! The band is currently out on a full US tour, so be sure keep up with Ages to Ages on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE to find out when they'll be in your town!