premiere: army of me “white flag flies”

A song about quitting from the dude who did everything but…

by Josh Madden

In 2007 when Vince Sheuerman's band Army of Me inked a deal with Atlantic Records after seven years of independent releases and national tours on the back of maxed-out credit cards, it looked like they were home free. However, when the singer injured his vocal chords three weeks before the band's major label debut, forcing him into complete silence for months, the album went un-promoted and the band was eventually let go. Shuerman was left toting around a tablet in order to communicate and the prognosis from several doctors was that he would most likely not sing again.

In 2012, after much rehabilitation he picked up and moved to Nashville, where a chance meeting with producer Daniel James led to a new chapter in his career. The pair enlisted Jeremy Larson and Chad Howat of the band Paper Route, and five years after Sheuerman lost his voice, he stepped back in the studio to record again. The result of these recordings is a collection of songs that confront the topic of loss, discouraging situations, hope and ultimately victory. The lead single "White Flag Flies" will be available via September 17th. The piano-driven track is a heartfelt tribute to surrender, which is pretty ironic considering the fact that it's very existence is a result of Sheuerman's refusal to quit. There are currently no tour dates on the band's website, but we have a feeling that's going to change soon. Follow the singer on Twitter HERE for updates and news of his continuing journey from the brink of silence.