premiere: bishop nehru “exhale”

Halloween came a few days early…

by Josh Madden

Back in July when we met Bishop Nehru on the set of a photo shoot, he hadn’t dropped the buzz-building mixtape Strictly Flowz or done a stint of tour dates opening for the mighty Wu-Tang Clan. But with the presence this young rapper possessed, we were sure his success was eminent. A mere three months later his following continues to grow only more rabid for any bit of content he creates. Nehru is part of a new generation of artists who aren’t satisfied just rapping and handling the music making duties--instead, he is up all hours making and curating content, from videos to the artwork which accompanies his releases. The latest of which is a timeless-feeling track entitled “Exhale” featuring his cohort Que Hampton. The video is an eerie Saw-esque visual, which drops just in time for Halloween and we have the exclusive premiere.

Check out “Exhale” below and the rest of Strictly Flowz on Nehru‘s Soundcloud HERE or download the whole thing on DJ Booth HERE.