Premiere: Chappo “I don’t need the sun”

Sit back and relax for the next four minutes…

by Josh Madden

The first track off of Chappo's new LP Future Former Self is a three and a half-minute wave of relaxation called "I Don't Need The Sun," an intermission button of sorts that we've pushed repeatedly throughout this very nerve-wracking afternoon. The Brooklyn-based foursome is set to release the follow-up to 2012's Moonwater in March, and with their continued musical growth the fellas are poised for greatness.

The band tells us that Future Former Self is actually a concept album that follows one man's journey through a black hole. All we know is, if the rest of the tunes have the vibe of "I Don't Need The Sun" we're in need of this record now!! Check the band's website HERE to keep up with tour updates and make sure to follow them on Twitter HERE for all the newest news. And just remember...when things get hectic, listen to this song on repeat.