context “small town lad sentiments”

(Mike Skinner remix)

by Josh Madden

Context "Small Town Lad Snetiments" (Mike Skinner remix)

In 2001, when "Has It Come To This?" exploded on the internet and the airwaves the young Mike Skinner aka The Streets rocketed to visibility, while the world became aware of a movement that had been bubbling in the UK for a decade. Musical comparisons were made, but for true fans of garage music, it was clear the arrival of this new scene was its own thing and it still is. Labels like 679 and Vice released the 

Run the Road

compilations and the world got a small taste of Britian's garage and grime scene. By 2006 


hit theaters with a soundtrack featuring artists like The Streets, Dizee Rascal, Estelle, Shyste and more. Garage and grime artists showed up at festivals around the globe and for a minute, everyone got the chance to two-step. With the takeover of electronic music in every genre from rock to hip-hop and pop the scene has been a little calmer. Until now...

Yesterday we received an e-mail containing the track below and a short introduction to the Norwich, UK rapper named Context. Upon pushing play we were rocketed right back to our introduction to garage music. This track resonates on several levels,with lyrics of hardships and real-life small-town dissonance. There's something that British hip-hop often does, with its bright piano arrangements coupled with stories of apathy that recalls the early American hip-hop vibe. This track goes beyond the simple garage or hip-hop classification; its accessibility easily reaches from the radio to clubs and of course it's sure to echo from within festival tents around the world soon. If Context is in fact anywhere near a dole que, he won't be there for long. Check out the "Small Town Lad Sentiments" remix by Mike Skinner, the guy who brought the world garage music below. For more of Context's music go