premiere: david douglas “selene”

The perfect sound for summer nights…

by Josh Madden

Yesterday we brought you those vibes of sonic preparation for summer, and today we have the soundtrack for your summer nights.

Dutch producer David Douglas is getting ready drop his new album titled Moon Observations on May 22nd, but decided he’d be kind enough to share a new single from the record ahead of time. This song "Selene" does an awesome job of fusing electronic grooves with very organic tones- giving off a night time, cruise-with-your-windows-down kind of feel. After having the track on repeat all day we even get a nostalgic Toto vibe--that is, if they were to make electronic music today. “As David Douglas readies his new album Moon Observations, a lucid cut of analogue grooves, catchy chords, dub slaps and moog-tone bass-lines…”-Atomnation

Be sure to pick up Moon Observations May 22nd and keep up with David on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE to find out when he’ll be making it over to the states!