premiere: deluka “home” acoustic video

    simply re-writing a song isn’t as easy as these guys might make it seem...

    by · May 01, 2014

    Have you ever found yourself struggling to decide which version of a song you like more? That’s what we’re going through over here after hearing the Deluka’s acoustic rendition of their new single “Home.”
    From Los Angeles via Brooklyn via Birmingham UK, Deluka’s been all over, crafting their catchy indie-electronic sound. With their anthemic single “Home” making waves, they decided to put down their electric guitars and synthesizers and give us a stripped-down version. Before you dive into this track we want you to know that simply re-writing a song isn’t as easy as these guys might make it seem--even when they take away all their bells and whistles aboslutely 0% of their hook is lost. Every memorable melody line has been transposed to a vocal or a guitar in a truly flawless fashion.
    With their new EP titled Bonds due out this month, we have a feeling the rest of the year could be a busy one for them. Be sure to keep up with releases and tour dates on their Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE-- if you can decide which one you like more, let them know!
    -words by Yung Will

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