premiere: devan dubois “long live” video

This may be the first time you see him… it definitely won’t be the last

by Josh Madden

It's very rare to be introduced to an artist and from the get-go you know their music is going to go far-- that's how we feel about Devan DuBois.

His name might be new to you, but his tunes have been long in the works. As an LA transplant, he has spent time developing his music and perfecting his style to make sure it was ready for the world. All of this hard work shines through in his video for his single "Long Live."

You can't deny that black and white music videos add a level of cool, but when you pair that with some trippy visuals, your eyes will be glued to the screen. His southern roots shine through as his folky guitar rhythms are accompanied by some hip-hop drums-- two styles we love and go perfectly together.

His record hasn't even dropped yet and he's already landed a Kettle One commercial--if the rest of the album is anything like "Long Live," we can guarantee it's going to be huge. Be sure to keep up with Devan and album release details on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

-words by Yung Will