premiere: dustin monk “lay me flat”

The lead singer goes solo and catches some country-blues vibes…

by Josh Madden

I'll admit, whenever I get the "lead singer's solo project" pitch I listen, but if I'm honest, I listen with biased, jaded, judgmental ears. The truth is, there's no reason to be tough on a lead singer who's decided to make a record of his own jams. I mean, it's not like he's doing anything he doesn't already do, right? Well, anyway, I'm working through my lead solo-project-predjudice and my newest discovery, a 25-year-old kid named Dustin Monk definitely has his own super solid sound.

Monk fronts and band called We Still Dream and in his free time he wrote and recorded a three song solo EP called Georgia Love, which was was released last year. Messing around with different genres and sounds, mixing blues and country vibes was so fun the singer decided to record another single entitled "Lay Me Flat" and we have the very first listen for you today. Here's what Monk had to say his newest tune:

" 'Lay Me Flat' is my attempt at trying to see how many genres I could intertwine in a song while still keeping it cohesive," says Monk. "The song speaks of that moment we all hit when time becomes our enemy and we need something to pick us up. For me, music is that something. I take pride in writing sincere, straight from the heart music and I hope that one day I can reach and inspire as many people as possible with what I do."

The new single is definitely catchy--I won't be all surprised when I hear it on Sons of Anarchy, True Blood or a Levi's commercial--I can definitely hear Monk's Georgia accent hangin' out. Check out "Lay Me Flat" below and pick it up HERE on February 4th. Follow Dustin on Twitter HERE and check out his Facebook page HERE for upcoming release and show info!