premiere: G-Eazy “Last Night” feat. Kyle & Devon

With a new album coming soon and and endless tour schedule G-Eazy…does it…

by Josh Madden

premiere: G-Eazy "Last Night" feat. Kyle & Devon

When I met


last year around this time he was on tour and well...he hasn't left the road since. Seriously, G checks in with us

every time he stops through NYC

and he always has on a crisp white button up shirt and some fresh J's but that's just because he pops tags instead of packing a suitcase.

When I spoke with the road warrior in July he was on tour with Lil Wayne and in the process of making his new record

These Things Happen...

via late night bus lounge sessions. When G hit me last week to let me hear some new tracks I got hyped and asked if we could premiere my favorite track entitled "Last Night." It turns out that so many bangers were made on the road this one didn't make the 

These Things Happen...

track list and he said we could give it away!(



The track is a classic G-Eazy vibe (produced by the rapper himself) and features Kyle and Devon. For real--this new album is going to bring my friend Gerald to a whole new level, I'm telling you. His time on the road and tireless efforts have chiseled the already talented young artist into a refined professional.

If you like this track as much as I do and you want to see

G on tour

, you're in luck because he's on the road as always, as a matter of fact he's booked clear through April and I don't think he's going home anytime soon. It just so happens he took out my good friend Rockie Fresh for this trip and you can find all the dates


. Check out the video of the the first time I met G-Eazy below and follow him on Twitter


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