premiere: i’m an island “crown jewel” ep stream

Dream pop for your summer playlists…

by Christian Lavery

After you stream the debut EP from I'm an Island you'll be shocked by how little time he's been in the scene.

With the project just over 6 months in, J. Gardner, aka I'm an Island, has managed to develop a sound that most bands take years of crafting--it's mature and we feel it can stand next to the likes of Youth Lagoon and company. His debut EP titled Crown Jewel has a neo-psychedelia meets dream indie pop vibe and it's hypnotizing. We've been listening to it all morning and can't seem to do anything except start it over every time it finishes. The Nylon Guys summer playlist will definitely have some I'm an Island tracks on it...there's no doubt yours will too.

We can't wait to see what is to come for J, Crown Jewel drops July 1st. Keep up with him on Facebook HERE for release details.

-words by William