premiere: jagga “out of control”

A new sonic direction matched with an beautiful new visual…

by Josh Madden

When East London-based vocalist and producer Jagga sent us over his new tune "Out of Control" we did exactly what we do whenever we get new music: put on our headphones, closed our eyes and cleared our mind of all thought to give the music our full attention. This process renders a different result with every different track and with "Out of Control" the vibe that came to mind was the ocean. Seriously. So it was wild when we got the first look at the video and it all took place on the water.

This track has a grand calming effect and the art-based lyric video suits it perfectly. Like a dream sequence, highlighting the underlying message, director Ali Raymond made the perfect accompaniment that only adds to its already etherial vibe. This new single is due for release next week and we highly suggest you check out Jagga's mixtape over HERE on his Soundcloud for an extended play of these ultra-chill sounds. And check him out HERE for tour dates and new music news.