premiere: jimi nxir “sensation”

This soulful track produced by Melo-X bumps as Nxir’s voice floats on the steady groove…

by Josh Madden

When pal Josh Kissi stopped by NYLON HQ last week to hang out for an hour he brought along a friend named Jimi Nxir. We chilled and talked for an hour, Kissi's compadre sat pretty silent, just smiled and added a "yeah" here and there. As the fellas were leaving Nxir said, "Hey, I'm a singer, can I send you some music to check out?" and when he left we honestly didn't expect to hear anything from him, at least not something like what he sent over. This track is so incredibly fresh, it's exactly what our i-Pod was missing. To be fair to the young vocalist, we're not going to try and make any comparisons here, we are just going to say this track is going to be our commute-to-work soundtrack for the next month at least. The soulful track produced by Melo-X bumps as the 21-year-old Nxir's voice floats on the steady groove. It's hard not to reference a certain Urban Hang record or mention the Grace-like guitars but this kid deserves his own lane. We anticipate the release of his EP GXLD slated to drop this fall. Until then download "Sensation" for free and check out Nxir's website HERE.