premiere: mirror talk “1997”

The LA foursome release an insane single in anticipation for their sophomore EP…

by Christian Lavery

Mirror Talk is getting ready to follow up their debut EP Infatuation in a big way. Or at least that’s what we can gather from the sound the LA foursome is supplying with their first single “1997,” which serves as the title to the group's second EP as well.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Mirror Talk, don’t worry, you’ll warm right up to them. Their music matches ‘80s vibes with synth pop tones and brings a touch of chillwave and R&B infused melodies. This single doesn’t waver from that recipe. And nor will 1997 from the looks of it. The group united with producer Tony Hoffer (the name behind notable acts such as M83 and Depeche Mode) when putting the EP together--meaning a track list full of hits like the one below are sure to follow.

Mirror Talk will take the stage at The Satellite in Los Angeles on August 2nd, while 1997 is set to be released on September 23. Listen to the track below.