premiere: motive “burn down brooklyn”

this is ROCK AND ROLL…

by Josh Madden

The members of Motive may be living in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and showing up all over MTV today, but this all started back in Seattle with some dudes playing jazz--no for real, guys played with legends like Wynton Marsalis and Dave Brubeck. When we heard about them the first thing we did was head over their Bandcamp page and get super stoked on their track titled "It's Illicit." It's off of their EP of the same name, which came out this past January. After that we checked out their cover of the Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer," which was recently featured in a Jean Paul Gaultier video.

So we checked out all of Motive's earlier releases, watched a couple music videos and now we're all caught up to 2013. What's up with the dudes now, you ask? Well they're still finishing a record that's gonna drop in March of next year, but we've got a special premiere of their new stuff. This track "Burn Down Brooklyn" features the snare-driven beat and jangly bass-driven track that's fast becoming the band's signature. It's funny, after all this time you can hear jazz in the DNA of their rock jams. It's hard to describe the track without a slight nod to the White Stripes and maybe just a little Queens of the Stone Age. This track feels like '90s rock to us in all of the best ways and the "Black Hole Sun"-esque video is sure to see the guys back on 120 Minutes. Check out the "Burn Down Brooklyn" video below and then head HERE to see the band's upcoming show schedule. Follow them on Twitter HERE to keep up with Motive news.